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After a long hiatus, I'm finally addressing this..

lam·i·nar : Physics; (of a flow) taking place along constant streamlines; not turbulent

Often one of the first questions I receive is about the name of my company.  How to say it, and what it means.  While dealing with various aspects of aerodynamics related to airplanes, laminar flow is often the intended goal of any aerodynamic critical part.  The red line above the name represents a cross section of an airfoil, like a wing.  The blue line is the relative laminar flow of the air around it, maintaining contact from the start to the finish, when the job is done.  Sounds like a good business plan as well.

Consulting is a rather vague term that I used on purpose because of the wide variety of projects Laminar Consulting is generally involved with.  What began as a hobby racing Experimental aircraft has grown into a specialty business servicing the rapid prototype and racing industry.  General day to day involves building custom race aircraft.  That skill set has expanded to 3D Scanning and CNC milling to support the custom carbon fiber and fiberglass part fabrication.  Below you will find a few links to project categories I feel worth mentioning here.  By all means this is not the limit of the nature and scope of my business.

Custom Aircraft

Anything from completions to complete builder assist.  Preferred work in High Performance (Racing) or prototypes.

3D Scanning

Completely portable 3D Scanning capability, even in color.  Perfect for reverse engineering.


Fluent in CAD formats, specialty in parametric modeling.  In house large format CNC for rapid prototype work.

Composite Structures

Usually aerodynamic, but any custom composite work is possible.  Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass are my specialty.

Composite Repair

Fiberglass or carbon fiber part repair.  Most experience is aviation related.  Cowlings, wheel fairings, wingtips, etc.

Web Development

Websites, Webstores, Branding, Video Production, Analytics, Adwords, Social Media Marketing and so on.